Hand Made Jewellery in Ireland




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Valg Studio Ireland


 Liga Valge is the designer maker behind Valg Studio. She first began working with polymer clay in 2011, quickly becoming fascinated by the possibilities that this versatile medium had to offer. Since then she has continued to participate in workshops by renowned international polymer clay artists as she continues to explore new ideas and making techniques. Liga is based in the South East of Ireland where each piece is designed and made by hand.



Jewelbug Dublin


Handmade Jewellery

Designed in Ireland, Made in Ireland

Sterling Silver, Hallmarked

Individually Numbered Editions




Tracy Gilbert Ireland


I am a Dublin-based jewellery designer and maker of hand-crafted jewellery, and am a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

I am immensely proud of my Irish heritage. I was born in Dublin city centre and was educated through the Irish language, so I love speaking Irish. I have always been inspired by the rich artistic and mythological history of Ireland.



Amber Holistic Jewellery Ireland


Here at Holistic Products Ireland we stock wonderfully large range of products from all around the world including beautiful jewellery from India and Morocco, singing bowls from Tibet.

Powerful and stunning gemstones and healing crystals from South America, Incense from India, the bestselling Angel cards and books, Natural organic oils…and that is just to name a few.




 Busy Beaders Dublin


We hand make jewellery to fit you perfectly, using best quality beads and crystals.

Beaded angels and custom made commnion jewellery are our speciality, jewellery by Helena